Fish Policy

We at Webbes endeavour to purchase as much local produce as we can from the ports of Hastings and Rye. We buy from sustainable sources and can trace our fish back to the exact local boat that landed it. We never buy endangered species or fish in its breeding season.

We've been using lesser-known species of non-endangered fish for many years, such as gurnard, pollack and razor clams. They benefit from plentiful stock levels, and by using these fish this takes pressure off the depleted stocks of endangered fish. All our farmed fish comes from certified organic farms with exemplary standards of welfare, where the use of synthetic pesticides and drugs is banned. Our scallops are dredged by local boats who fish sustainably. They are only caught for a short season from late December to April, and not in breeding season.

We will only serve organically farmed salmon and trout, since wild stocks are severely depleted. We rely on and communicate with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for up to date information.

Hastings Stade has Europe's biggest fleet of beach-launched fishing boats. The boats have to be hauled out of the sea after each trip, which stops them being more than about ten metres long. This means that they can only carry small amounts of gear and travel just a few miles. As a result the fleet has always fished in an ecologically sound way and for shorter periods of time. The Stade has a vibrant working community that enjoys great traditions for many generations. It also represents the perfect combination of a historically protected area being ecologically utilised by a contemporary working force. In fact, there are not many places in the world today such as the Stade, where you can find a driving community working in a protected area of great historical relevance, one that still keeps its original look, its old traditions, standards and original atmosphere.