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BBC Southeast Today - Rye Bay Scallops from Boat to Plate

BBC Southeast Today - Rye Bay Scallops from Boat to Plate

Fisherman Gary Morley, Fish Merchant John Botterell and our own Chef Owner Paul Webbe showed the famous Rye Bay Scallop from boat to plate, source to sauce, to BBC Environment Correspondent Yvette Austin on last night’s South East Today on the eve of the 2011 Sixth Rye Bay Scallop Festival [BBC South East Today, Friday 11 February 2011].

After seeing the nets used to catch Rye scallops, how to shuck them and discussing why they are considered some of the very best; Yvette went to Webbe’s Cookery School to see Paul Webbe’s scallop cookery lesson using some of the 4,500 scallops that Webbe’s will cook during the Festival in his Scallop School, Scallop Sauce Competition, Webbe’s at the Fish Café’s Seven Course Scallop Menu and Scallop Demonstration Lunches.

As Yvette explained "About 15,000 scallops will be cooked in Rye during the festival – about a third of them at Webbe’s Cookery School & Restaurant”!

The recipe Paul demonstrated was his Rye Bay Scallops with Sweet Soy Sherry Dressing which you can find in this blog as our Valentine Recipe. It is also featured in Paul’s weekly recipe column in Hastings Observer this week.

Paul’s advice to viewers was "They’re incredibly versatile little creatures and my big tip would be don’t overcook them…..take them out of the pan just before they are done – slightly undercooked.”

Good luck to everyone catching, cooking and eating scallops in Rye in the next nine days – have a fabulous time.